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small shrub Far North Trees & Seeds is a dependable northern supplier of healthy trees, shrubs, flowers and seeds. We also provide a large selection of seeds and woody plant cuttings for landscaping and erosion control.

To assure the highest possible survival rate, all your trees, shrubs and flowers are grown from seeds or cuttings taken from south-central Alaska, unless otherwise noted.

All products are grown in pots for easy planting anytime the soil is not frozen. Because your plants are raised in containers, the roots are not disturbed, contrary to digging them out of the ground. A wide range of seeds and cuttings from other native south-central Alaskan plants is available upon request.

Currently Available

Iris - Iris setosa - Purple
                      - White

Villosa Lilac - Syringa villosa

Siberian Larch - Larix siberica

Siberian Peashrub - Caragana arborescens

May Day Tree - European Bird Cherry - Prunus padus L.

Bristlecone Pine - Pinus aristata

Jack Pine - Pinus banksiana

Lumber Pine - Pinus flexilus

Red Pine - Prinus rubra

White Spruce - Picea glanca

Norway Spruce - Picea abies

Siberian Elm - Ulmus pumila L.

Weeping Birch - Betula penula


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